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    Service Support
    Service Support
    Online Customer Service
    The warranty period of this product is one year. Appearance of the product, consumables and accessories are not covered by the warranty: consumables and accessories include: (propeller, battery).
    Service support
    The fault (judged by the official staff of the company) caused by normal use in accordance with the operation manual shall be repaired free of charge; Artificial damage, need to bear the cost of repair materials.
    During the warranty period, if one of the following situations occurs, it must be repaired as a charge:
    • 1. Unable to provide this guarantee and valid purchase voucher.
    • 2. Malfunction and damage caused by incorrect use and improper repair.
    • 3. Failure or damage caused by delivery, moving or falling.
    • 4. Failure and damage caused by other unavoidable external factors.
    • 5, improper use of equipment caused by water or other solutions damage.
    • 6. Damage caused by voltage when using power sources other than specified.
    The foregoing warranties alone and without any other express or implied warranties (including implied warranties of merchantability, reasonableness and fitness for a particular application, etc.), the company shall not be liable for any particular, incidental or indirect damages, whether in contract, civil negligence or otherwise.

    * This guarantee is valid only in mainland China.
    Address:Second floor, building A, qixing creative workshop,
    no.2 teng feng 5th road, fuyong street, bao 'an district, shenzhen
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